Monday, July 14, 2008

In Varadero

“What visitors get is a cheap holiday on a clean, beautiful Caribbean beach—and the almost complete absence of Cubans. The locals have always been there, cleaning rooms and waiting tables and performing onstage, but until Raul Castro lifted restrictions on March 31, they were not allowed to stay at tourist hotels, even if they could afford it.

“So far, little has changed. On several occasions, we have to smuggle [our Cuban driver] into off-limits establishments for a drink, and although he takes it all with a philosophical shrug, it reminds me a little of smuggling blacks into ‘whites only’ places during the days of apartheid in South Africa.”

Travel writer John Graham writing in the July issue of Conde Nast Traveller about Varadero – and how things have changed (or otherwise) for ordinary Cubans since Fidel Castro’s semi-retirement.


Blogger Yoli said...

Luis lo encontre por otro blog. Que hace un Cubano en Australia? Necesitas que te envie Cafe Bustelo? Yo soy una Cubana en Key Largo, FL. Estoy buscando mis hermanos Cubanos por todo el mundo por el internet. Cuidate y mucha suerte con su libro. Tendre que comprarlo.

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