Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Disappointed old men

He may be semi-retired, senile and near death but Fidel Castro remains deeply disappointed by the lack of “revolutionary spirit” among his long-suffering 11 million subjects.

It’s always been the case – Cubans have never been good enough for the Messianic dictator. As far he is concerned, we are too lazy, too hungry for material benefits, prone to waste time dancing and drinking, not serious enough … and too darn ungrateful.

Si, senor, a huge disappointment.

Castro is at it again today, using his latest “editorial” to launch a blistering attack on Cubans who leave the island “illegally”, describing those who regularly risk their lives to flee his putrid legacy as nothing more than despicable, money-hungry infidels lacking “ethics”.

He is particularly upset by doctors and other medical staff who somehow end up living and working in the United States, the great enemy.

Castro believes that since those professionals have had the great privilege of being “given an education” by the “revolution”, they should be grateful and stay put in Cuba, even if they are underpaid and overworked.

Interestingly, his latest diatribe has been published so far only on selected Cuban Internet sites – as opposed to being published in the official Cuban print media, as has been the case in the past.

It seems to be a recent change in tactic by the regime, meaning that the old man’s running commentary on whatever comes into his head is now available only to outsiders and those few Cubans with access to the Internet.

As you can read in this article by the Spanish newsagency EFE, some Cubanologists believe this may signal serious disagreements within the ruling Communist Party about some of Castro’s views.

Or perhaps after 50 years of listening to the same old crap, they have had enough?


Blogger Angel Garzón said...

As a student of History, I can honestly say that Kasstro reminds me of every megalomaniacal dictator whose insanity has been spewed and practiced on their own people, the same people for whom the tyrants claimed to have nothing but their very best interest at heart.

In 1945, when it became crystal clear to even the most ideologically and fanatically blinded followers of communism's cousin, that is Nationalist Socialism in its German incarnation, that the end was near for the thousand year Reich, Hitler clamored in disgust while hiding in his bunker near the Chancellory that it was the German people who were responsible for the situation that Germany was facing at that near final hour of his dream, fidel kasstro and his close supporters are no different now than Hitler and his close circle of supporters were then.

The end of Cuba's near fifty year nightmare with kasstro's insane dreams is near, Luis I look forward to meeting you in our natal province of Oriente, see you in Santiago soon, very soon.

6:10 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

keep on dreaming...

9:27 pm  

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