Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Rural news

Just in case you are still debating the merits or otherwise of a State-planned economy, here are some sobering statistics on farmland production and utilisation in Fidel Castro’s island parasite.

According to official figures issued by the regime, about 55 per cent of all agricultural land in Cuba is either idle or under-utilised – up from 46 per cent just five years ago.

It seems that while farmers everywhere else are always trying to maximise production so they can make more money, Cuban farmers would rather not waste their time and effort growing crops.

Why? Because most don’t own the land they farm and until recently, they could only sell the bulk of their crops to the State, which paid a pittance for the produce. In many cases, some bureaucrat in Havana also decided on behalf of farmers what they could or could not plant in any particular season.

In other words, it's easier to simply leave agricultural land go to waste.


Blogger Angel Garzón said...

The good ol' State planned economies, the best pile of shite that has ever been devised by man, what's really appalling is that there are tons of duffuses idioticus that want to make the unworkable work, while trying to abandon what truly works. Ironic idiocy just does not seem to quite fit the bill. Long live free enterprise.

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