Tuesday, June 24, 2008

You say potato ...

While some of us think that the economic changes introduced by Raul Castro in the past couple of months are cosmetic at best, others appear to be more optimistic. A lot more optimistic.

Take the Council for Hemispheric Affairs, a Washington-based lobby group that has been highly critical in the past of US policy towards Cuba, in particular the trade and commercial embargo.

Under the title, “Cuba under Raul Castro: 25 Reasons to be Hopeful”, the council has just published a lengthy summary of what has been happening on the island since Fidel Castro stood aside from the top job due to ill health.

The council seems to think that old-fashioned fidelismo is more or less dead in the water, explaining that while Raul Castro “has not been overly aggressive in transforming the state created by his brother", he has taken "meaningful steps towards the possibility of a very different Cuba”.

You can read their assessment here.


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