Friday, June 27, 2008

Evil search engines

We are indebted to our friends at Penultimos Dias for this link to a most curious article that appears in today’s edition of Juventud Rebelde, the official newspaper of the Cuban Union of Communist Youth (UJC).

It’s a lengthy attack on trusty old Google.

Now, Google may seem to you and me like a pretty nifty search engine, used by millions of Internet surfers every day to get around the Web. Sure, we know it can be manipulated and we know it has some faults and we know they pay way too much attention to the Chinese government but overall, it's kind of harmless, no?

No way, according to the author of the article, Amaury del Valle, who says
Google is nothing but a dangerous imperialist tool used by the United States administration and other “powerful interests” to ... yes, to quash the many great “achievements” of Fidel Castro’s “revolution”.

It’s a long and convoluted argument about how the US trade embargo against the Castro brothers means that those few Cubans with access to the Internet (mainly officials of the regime), cannot legally download Google Earth, although they download the program nonetheless.

Mind you, what appears to have really upset Mr del Valle and his fellow young communists most is the fact that Google is not a "humanitarian" enterprise but rather a company that makes filthy capitalist money. And that for better or worse, appears to comply with US laws.


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