Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Family habits

As you may have read in Penultimos Dias, it seems that nice Mariela Castro has written a rather testy letter to a Canadian doctor by the name of Pierre Assalian, who happens to be the president of the 17th World Congress of Sexology.

Dr Assalian made the dreadful mistake of daring to (politely) criticise a decision by the Castro regime some days ago to break up a planned gay rights demonstration in Havana.

Well, it appears Ms Castro wasn’t happy, penning her own rebuttal in her capacity as head of the National Centre for Sexual Education (Cenesex), which may sound like an independent body but is in fact, run and funded by the Communist Party, like all other such organisations in Cuba.

In her letter, the daughter of Raul Castro attempts to whitewash the regime’s appalling past record against homosexuals - again!

But even more disappointing for someone who is supposed to be clever and tolerant, she also uses the same old (and highly offensive) arguments against opponents that have been used by her uncle and his apologists for the past five decades, namely:

+ Anyone who disagrees with the regime is by definition “anti-Cuban”.

+ Journalists and others who write negative stories about the regime, especially in relation to political and human rights, are “mercenaries” in the pay of the United States.

+ For the past 50 years, capitalist media owners have routinely directed their journalists to engage in a campaign of misinformation and slander against the regime.

It’s all rubbish, of course. And predictable. But it shows once more that when it comes to the Castros, todo tiene su limite.


Blogger Angel Garzón said...

Mariela Kasstro's demeanor and deceitful conduct is typical of most if not all of the left wingers of the planet, they just cannot stand being challenged, they dish out the propaganda and spew deceitful nonsense on a constant basis, but should anyone dare question the slightest item that they support, the dishing of superiority and entitlement mentality commences and does not let up until they pummel their "mercenary enemies" to a pulp, so much for a bunch of goons who claim to represent the best interests of the people of the world, it has to be their way or the highway, despicable.

4:47 pm  

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