Monday, July 07, 2008

Rewriting history. Again.

When it comes to rewriting history to suit the occasion, few world leaders can challenge Fidel Castro. And few seem to get away with it as often and as easily as he does.

For nearly five decades, Castro has been busily correcting, editing or simply ignoring his own words when it suits him to do so, starting with his now infamous promise to hold free and fair, multi-party elections in Cuba within 18 months of the “triumph of the revolution”.

Now, from his sick bed, the semi-retired dictator is at it again.

He issued an extraordinary statement over the weekend criticising the Colombian “rebel” group FARC (true!) for the "cruel methods of kidnapping and holding prisoners in the jungle", such as the recently-rescued Ingrid Betancourt.

Never mind the fact that Castro and his brother used similar tactics during their battle against Fulgencio Batista in the late 1950s, as others have pointed out.

The real question is why has Castro waited until now to make his comments about these “cruel methods”? After all, his regime has provided sanctuary to FARC members, as well as weapons, funding and strategic assistance, since the 1960s. Some 40 years!

Oh, yes, and he has met countless times with FARC leaders and various foot soldiers, and publicly supported their cause - and their methods - without ever mentioning the word "cruel".

Until now …


Blogger Angel Garzón said...

Fifo is a master of deception, he gets no admiration from me but we must never underestimate our enemies, especially the ones based in Cuba and their alumni throughout the world, it is curious that the beast of Biran , or better yet, whomever is writing these essays being attributed to Kasstro whose health condition appears to communicate an advanced state of dementia, neglected to mention the Tri-Continental Conference that Kasstro hosted in Havana in the early 1960s and whose invited participants departed with ample knowledge of how to wreak havoc in the Western world, it could have accurately been classified as Terrorism Central instead of Tri-Continental Conference.

2:44 pm  

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