Tuesday, December 18, 2007

... and those dreadful "traitors"

As the Castro regime sinks slowly into the sunset (or is this just wishful thinking on my part?), the number of prominent “personalities” undergoing a Damascus-like conversion and seeking political asylum appears to have risen rather quickly.

In the past week alone, we have had the defection of Carlos Otero, an entertainer who was generally regarded as the best-known and most popular television presenter on the island.

As you can read here, Otero said he wanted to see his children grow up “with the opportunity to study what they want, without having to agree with the system”.

In return, the regime has issued a note, duly published by the official media, describing the once untouchable comic as a “traitor” - and axing his prime time television spot. Of course.

Then there was news that three Cuban folk musicians - Miguel Angel Costafreda, Arodis Verdecia Pompa and Juan Alcides Diaz – were “missing” somewhere in Brazil, presumably seeking asylum.

Now, the Miami Herald reports that three Cuban ballet dancers, identified as Taras Domitro, Hayna Gutierrez and Miguel Angel Blanco, have defected after crossing the US-Canadian border at Buffalo.

The dancers, all members of the touring National Ballet of Cuba, disappeared after a double joint presentation with the Canadian Ballet Youth Ensemble of The Nutcracker Suite, which sounds well, most appropriate.

At this rate, we fear that Granma will need to publish a daily column on its pages devoted exclusively to attacking the defecting “traitors”.


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Blogger Lori said...


I think there have always been defections from different areas of the Cuban lime light, such as baseball players and TV personalities, as is evident on South Florida local television channels, but now the world wide media is picking these stories up and publishing them.

I just can't figure out why the MSM is picking up these stories now, after 50 years of steady deffections.

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