Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Regular guys. Regular fascists.

The Castro regime has responded to the events of the past few days in Havana in characteristic style.

The small demonstrations held on Sunday by the Damas de Blanco and yesterday by Dr Darsi Ferrer were organised and funded by the United States, according to an article published in Granma, the regime’s official propaganda sheet.

The article, written by someone by the name of Pedro de la Hoz, claims that the marchers were US “mercenaries” who wanted to “destroy the Revolution” and ensure Cuba is “annexed” by the Americans.

In other words, the usual crap we have come to expect from Havana.

As for the fascist thugs organised by the regime to violently break up the demonstrations, Mr de la Hoz describes them as honest, hard-working every day Cubans who were “provoked” by the marchers.

Somehow, he fails to mention the walkie-talkies and the plain clothed State security agents.
But he does say that those doing the pushing and the punching and the harassing were workers, students and regular neighbourhood guys who acted “with firmness, serenity and dignity” to uphold the “ethical” and “civil” foundations of the Revolution.

You know, just like those happy-go-lucky, regular guys who used to peacefully and ethically burn books in Germany and round up “undesirables”.


Blogger Henry Gomez said...

Notice how the big thug (let's call him Danny Glover until we find out his real name) peacefully and ethically puts his elbow in that young lady's face in that picture.

5:22 pm  
Anonymous Nausea said...

Behold an emblem of the "revolution": a vulgar thug, emboldened and empowered by knowing he can abuse and trample with impunity, as he is only doing his masters' bidding.

5:00 am  

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