Monday, December 10, 2007

Human Rights Day 2

Meanwhile, the official newsagency of the Castro regime has marked International Human Rights Day by publishing the views of a man by the name of Sergio Ortiz, who is described as the head of the Argentinian Movement for Solidarity with Cuba.

The very accommodating Mr Ortiz told Prensa Latina that in his humble opinion, the Castro regime is the number one defender of human rights in the world.

"For those Argentinians like me who are friends of Cuba, it is pleasing to note that in the homeland of Jose Marti, 11 million Cubans are enjoying their human rights," he said.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it too obvious to state that this most amiable of Argentinians should perhaps emigrate to Cuba and enjoy the same human rights the 11 million Cubans do?

3:07 pm  
Blogger Lori said...

I completely agree with anonymous!!

1:21 am  
Anonymous Not amused said...

Great. Another pernicious Argentinian asshole, as if Cuba hadn't already suffered far more than enough damage from "Che."

If this pathetic clown is the best the regime can do to cover up its appalling human rights record, it must be pretty desperate.

2:34 am  
Blogger Agustin Farinas said...

I got one that can top this asshole. Yesterday I went to the store in a province in Argentina, and a typical Castro lover herad me and said:
Oh, you are Cuban, oh, yes what a wonderful thing the Castro regime has done in Health and education because Cuba was 90 illitirate before the Revolution.
I engaged this asshole and started to argue with him and finally told him:
"Why don't you leave Argentina and spend one year as a regular Cuban and then come back and tell me about it".
Naturally he said No, he was living fine here.
So I said:
You are just the typical leftist, who cannot put your money where your mouth is, and left him with the words in his mouth gave my back to him and left. This is a daily occurence here even though my wife walks around with her ration card to prove what we say. But is like plowing in the ocean, they just don't care.

3:54 am  

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