Monday, December 10, 2007

Human Rights Day 1

This is how International Human Rights Day is celebrated in Fidel Castro's island paradise.

A group of women stage a peaceful march through the streets of the Miramar neighbourhood in Havana. They are the wives, sisters and daughters of men who have been sent to prison after being found guilty by "revolutionary tribunals" of being “mercenaries” - the term used by the Castro regime to refer to anyone who dares question the absolute rule of the Communist Party.

The march is illegal since no one can march in Cuba unless they have permission from the authorities, which only approve marches in support of or organised by the regime. As you do.

In response, the regime organises a group of its own supporters to stage a loud and intimidating counter-demonstration, shouting abuse and generally harassing the women marchers.

And that Reuters photograph above shows what those regime supporters look like.


Anonymous appalled said...

I hope these women are getting suitably compensated for their efforts to keep everyone properly intimidated and repressed. One hates to think they're doing it solely because they're terrible people.

4:55 am  

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