Friday, December 14, 2007

Popularity Tests

Some good news for Fidel Castro – he is no longer the least popular foreign leader among Spaniards.

According to a new survey by the Madrid-based Real Instituto Elcano, the ailing 81-year-old dictator has lost the title to his acolyte, Hugo Chavez.

The loopy but dangerous Venezuelan strongman has a “value” rating among Spaniards of just 1.4 points, compared to Castro on 1.9 - and George W Bush on 2.2.

By the way, the two most popular or "valued" Latin American leaders are Michelle Bachelet, the moderate Chilean president, on 4.9 points; and the equally moderate Lula da Silva, of Brazil, on 4.8.


Anonymous realpolitik said...

Unfortunately, Castro's regime, regardless of who's officially running it, has long been, and remains, quite popular with major Spanish business interests, who have seen fit to profit shamelessly from Cuba's tragedy.

That's the only popularity the regime really cares about--the kind that brings concrete profits and helps it stay in power.

2:06 am  

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