Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Undercover agents

Regular visitors to this blog will no doubt recall our commentary on the recently-completed visit to Cuba by Jean Ziegler, the supposedly independent United Nations special rapporteur on “the right to food”.

Here is the latest.

According to the International Herald Tribune, the UN has “expressed regret” that undercover Cuban officials attended a press conference held by Mr Ziegler in Geneva before he flew to Havana for his action-packed 10-day visit.

The undercover officials were at the press conference to keep an eye on any media representative who dared ask questions even remotely critical of the Castro regime. It seems the agents were particularly interested in an unidentified French journalist who had a lively exchange with Mr Ziegler about human rights on the island, or lack thereof.

Well, no surprises there, of course - that’s exactly how Havana has always dealt with dissidents inside or out.

But it’s a big deal in Geneva. You see, under UN rules, government officials are strictly prohibited from attending news conferences unless they are explicitly invited and included among those presenting.

As for Mr Ziegler, he is back home in comfortable Switzerland, having concluded from his visit, as we knew he would, that heck, the Castro regime is OK after all. In fact, he thinks the way the regime provides food for Cubans is a “model” for the world to follow.

Not surprisingly, the regime has just published this glowing report about the life and times of our intrepid UN rapporteur in Granma, the official mouthpiece of the Cuban Communist Party.


Blogger Lori said...

I want to know who actually believes this is the first time the Cuban Government has had its goons undercover at press conferencess over at the UN?

My goodness, Cubans have been trying to tell the world how that scumb government works and its as if everyone has had too much ear wax or something. The way they act surprised at something that has been going on for so many years is astounding.

12:31 am  
Anonymous Reality Check said...

They're not surprised. They're just going through the motions. Just doing their job, after a fashion.

1:52 am  

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