Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Food, food everywhere

We reported earlier on the current visit to Cuba by Jean Ziegler, the Swiss-born academic who is also the United Nations' special rapporteur on “the right to food”.

And much as we expected, Mr Ziegler appears to have said and done all the right things during his 10-day "investigative" visit to the Castro brothers' island paradise.

According to this Reuters report, he told reporters that the Castro regime “has the best record among developing countries in ensuring no one goes hungry”.

"We cannot say that the right to food is totally respected in Cuba,” he said, sounding surprisingly critical for a moment before quickly adding: “But we have not seen a single malnourished person.”


Anyway, the UN rapporteur also visited two prisons near Havana as part of his brief to report back to the UN on how the inmates are treated and fed in Castro’s extensive and highly-secretive jail system.

We can hardly wait for his report.

Mind you, as Reuters confirms in its dispatch, Havana does not allow the International Red Cross to visit its prisons, where human rights groups say some 250 political prisoners live in "subhuman" conditions that include rotten food and undrinkable water.


Anonymous asombra said...

Apart from the fact that Ziegler would only be shown what the regime finds suitable for him to see, and that he would never be so "rude" as to demand otherwise, his "report" was a foregone conclusion before he ever set foot in Cuba.

No matter what he might have actually seen there, he was only prepared to "see" what he wanted, and nothing that would contradict that. The word travesty comes to mind, but far worse words are in order. The UN has absolutely no shame.

2:47 am  

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