Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Two weeks after 70 or so young people were detained by police in Havana for wearing a plastic wristband with the word “change”, the Castro regime has provided its official version of the incident.

And as always, it’s a ripper.

According to an unsigned article published by the official Cuban Journalists’ Union (UPC), the protest was not a protest at all, you see, but an “act of provocation” by a handful of American-financed “mercenaries”. Naturally.

More disturbingly, the article says the incident was designed to "provoke" loyal Castro supporters into understandable acts of violence.

The message here is obvious: if a loyal, normally peace-loving Catro supporter was to be "provoked" into intimidating or bullying or even assaulting one of the "protesters", well, that's OK, isn't it? Of course, it is!

As for the use of the word “change”, the journalists' union, which is no union at all, concludes that there is no need for change in Cuba because, as we all know, “the Revolution is the mother of all change”.


Anonymous Utopianist said...

Change? In Cuba? Whatever for? Don't these people read their own newspapers? There's absolutely nothing wrong in Cuba that's not somehow the fault of external factors (mostly the US, of course). The regime, obviously, is quite beyond reproach. Welcome to paradise (if you can stand it).

2:35 am  

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