Monday, November 12, 2007

Bring it on

It seems I was partially wrong about the Ibero-American summit held over the weekend in Santiago de Chile when I said the talk fest would be nothing but a predictable joke.

The joke bit remains valid - after all, the summiteers passed a grand resolution calling on the US to lift its commercial embargo on the Castro regime without even making reference to the painfully obvious need for democratic change on the island.

As for predictable ...

This time around, at least one of the participants had the courage to stand up to that dangerous buffoon Huge Chavez, who has taken over as the "star" media attraction at such meetings now Fidel Castro is otherwise indisposed.

As you may have read elsewhere, King Juan Carlos of Spain did what no Latin American leader has ever dared do: he told Chavez to shut up and stop interrupting.

As the Spanish daily El Mundo said in an editorial, the monarch’s unexpected rebuke was "something that should have been said to Chavez a long time ago”.

Can’t wait for next year’s summit.


Blogger Lori said...

It is about time someone somewhere tell Chavez to shut up. I'm surprised Al Gore hasn't asked him to stop contributing to global warming already, with all that poop coming out of his mouth...

7:49 am  
Anonymous The Economist said...

The king does not depend on financing from Chavez. Too many Latin American "leaders" do (or want to, if they can manage to get his patronage). All this money Chavez is spending abroad, for HIS personal ends, rightfully belongs to the people of Venezuela, and that money will NEVER be recovered.

2:25 am  

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