Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Useful idiots corner

If you have ever wondered why so many supposedly Left wing politicians in Western Europe and elsewhere deserve to be treated with nothing but utter contempt, here is an explanation.

According to this report by the official Cuban news agency, quasi-communist parties in the European Union have just issued a statement calling on the US to lift its "criminal" commercial and trade embargo on Cuba.

They want Western European countries to vote against the embargo at the forthcoming United Nations meeting to debate the issue.

While such a call may or may not be legitimate on its own, it raises the obvious question: when was the last time you read of Left wing politicians anywhere forcefully calling for an end to Castro's dictatorial regime?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, you see, hypocrisy remains the height of fashion, and one can't possibly be so gauche as to risk seeming "out of it" or (heaven forbid!) pro-American. Ethical and moral considerations are, of course, quite dispensable.

12:51 am  

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