Monday, September 03, 2007

Adios, Cuba

Some time ago we reported on the decision by the Castro regime to withdraw the working visas of a handful of foreign correspondents in Havana on the grounds their articles were “too negative”.

One of those singled out was Stephen Gibbs of the BBC.

Mr Gibbs has now filed his last report from Cuba, explaining some of the peculiarities of living and working in a place where the State censors everything at any time and for no particular reason at all.

He explains, for instance, how the regime's ever-efficient censors deleted 30 seconds from the film "Hotel Rwanda" when it was shown on Cuban television - because one of the characters made a joke about Cuban cigars.

You can read his report here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is there no news coverage allowed from Hell? Because the Devil feels it would be "too negative."

2:00 am  

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