Thursday, August 23, 2007

Boxing news

It’s now confirmed: the two Cuban boxers who attempted to defect while taking part in the Pan American Games in Rio earlier this month will never box again outside the island.

You may recall that the boxers apparently changed their mind after a few days of freedom and asked Brazilian authorities to send them back home to their families. At least that’s the official story.

Well, the Cuban Minister for Foreign Affairs, the dreadful Felipe Perez Roque, has told reporters in Brasilia that the boxers returned to Cuba of their own accord. No pressures from Havana. None at all. Honest.

And according to Perez Roque, the boxers will not be punished. Instead, he claims they will be given “appropriate jobs”.

Asked whether this meant the boxers would represent Cuba internationally again, the minister replied: “The decision on who is to fly the Cuban flag in international sporting contests is one for the nation.”

In other words, no, they won’t box again. Not outside the island, anyway.


Anonymous asombra said...

I assume their formerly privileged status as "special" citizens (or prize-winning livestock) has also ended. The bottom line is that they were never anything to the regime beyond propaganda tools to be used as objects, not people. Since they are now "tarnished" goods, they are considered entirely disposable.

5:52 am  

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