Monday, August 13, 2007

Loony tunes

Here is something to get you started on a Monday morning.

It's a commentary published in the left-leaning London daily, The Guardian, on the recent spat between Havana and Washington over the number of visas handed out by the United States to Cubans wanting to leave the island.

Be warned: it was written by a British-born author by the name of Ian Williams, who claims to have once engaged in a drinking competition with Chou En Lai.

You'll love it. Or may be not.


Blogger Henry Gomez said...

First of all his figures for Census bureau projections for Cuban born people living in the US are wrong. The census bureau's latest data (2005) says the number at that time was: 895,861. We can only assume that's grown in the last couple of years.

Another thing is that it's preposterous to think that the slowdown in Visas is an attempt to keep would-be Democrats out of the country.

Even Joe Garcia, a Democrat party operative admitted on Miami TV the other day that about 200,000 Cubans have come to the US under the visa lottery in the last 10 years and that some years there less than 20,000 visas given and some years more but that the 20,000 average has been maintained.

Secondly, there is very little proof that by they time they become citizens and register to vote that they will be much more likely to register Democrat than previous Cubans have. Besides by the time they do this current administration will be well out of office.

Another laughable thing about the commentary is the description of the pre-lottery policy as embarrassing because white Cubans had an open door while Hatians don't. Two things. There are plenty of blacks in Cuba. For whatever reason many of them chose not to come to the US. That doesn't make the policy racist. The policy was open to any Cuban regardless of race. Secondly the US intervened militarily twice in Haiti. Maybe when the US does so for Cuba the Haitians can complain about the unequal treatment. Maybe we should be the ones complaining: "how do we us one of them there marine invasions?"

Lastly the author makes no mention of the "exit visa" required to leave Cuba. Regardless of how many visas the US issues the number of Cubans that leave the island is limited by the Cuban government. The exit visa is a way the Cuban regime can punish its enemies by denying them the visa and also to extort money from those who are leaving. That's the real reason Cuba is upset about the current slowdown in visas.

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