Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Fidel, the exiled

Norberto Fuentes has written an intriguing article for the Spanish daily ABC on the first anniversary of Raul Castro’s “temporary” elevation to the top job.

As you may know, Fuentes is a sometimes-controversial writer who used to be close (very close) to the Castro brothers but then saw the light, defected and is now living in the US.

His take is that Raul Castro is well and truly in charge now – and that he is shifting his own people into key positions of power while gradually freezing out loyal fidelistas, including the so-called talibanes, such as Carlos Valenciaga and that awful Felipe Perez Roque.

In fact, Fuentes argues, the older Castro has been relegated to a minor role as “commentator in chief”, effectively exiled to his luxury recovery compound with strict instructions not to be allowed out in public.

Who knows?

Interestingly, Fuentes has also picked up on the public relations role being played oh so cleverly by Raul Castro’s highly-visible and user-friendly daughter, Mariela.


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