Monday, August 06, 2007

Grateful ungrateful sods?

So the defecting boxers are back in Cuba, according to the official media.

After enjoying capitalist life for a week or so, they were rounded-up by Brazilian authorities and sent back to Havana, where they await their fates in what has been described as a “special guest house”.

Not that they should worry, of course.

None other than Fidel Castro himself has announced from his recovery divan that there will be no prison for the would-be defectors as he has "forgiven" them. And Castro would know because you see, in Cuba, he is not just the investigator and the prosecutor but also judge and jury. And occasionally, the executioner, too.

The boxers will be just fine, says the ailing dictator. Don't you worry about that ...

Which means it won’t be long before the poor bastards make the inevitable appearance on television, reading from their carefully-scripted notes.

They will no doubt accuse those evil imperialists of clouding their judgement, repent for their sins against "the Revolution" and "the Party" and then praise the nobility, intelligence and inherent goodness of El Comandante en Jefe.

Who said Stalinism was dead?


Anonymous Walter Lippmann said...

You're so jealous! People make mistakes every day. This was their day to make a mistake, then they felt homesick and now they're home. It isn't often that people get to correct their mistakes so quickly.

You resent Fidel so much he's like the Erich von Stroheim of your world. What will you do when he's not there any longer? Viva Fidel!

3:33 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, of course. It's all a misunderstanding. How could it possibly be otherwise? Everyone knows Cuba is heaven on earth, and the mere thought of leaving it is sheer insanity.

It's exceedingly odd how pervasive such insanity is among the general population on the island, however, but I'm sure it's just the embargo's fault. Nothing to worry about, really.

I'm actually surprised anyone would feel the need to state something so obvious and beyond doubt (except, of course, to CIA operatives or mercenaries of the empire, like anyone in Cuba who might conceivably disagree with its wonderful dicatatorship). It's really an insult to Fidel to defend him, in a way. Bad sycophant (or worse).

1:07 am  

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