Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Take me to your leader

More news on the no-longer-defecting Cuban boxers.

A relative of one of the would-be defectors, Olympic champion Guillermo Rigondeaux, has told foreign media that the boxer never had any plans to defect while attending the Pan-American Games in Rio.

According to Marilyn Clavero, all the boxer ever wanted was “to speak to Fidel” so he could “explain his problems” but "they wouldn't let him".

Ms Clavero did not elaborate on what the problems might have been.

However, she did confirm that Communist Party officials had “confiscated” the Government car that had previously been given to Rigondeaux in his capacity as favoured athlete of the regime.

She also confirmed that there has been no indication as to when or even whether the boxer would be allowed to return home.


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