Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Biffo time?

Not for the first time, the long-standing American embargo on commercial trade and contact with the Castro regime has hit the front pages of key metropolitan newspapers across the US.

This time, it relates to comments made by Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama.

According to this report, Mr Obama wants to ease the current regulations that restrict visits to Cuba by Cubans living in the US, while also restricting how much money they can send to relatives on the island.

These restrictions were imposed by the Bush administration in 2004 as a way of making life more difficult for the Castro brothers. In theory, at least.

Anyway, it's not clear at this stage whether Mr Obama wants to go further and lift the embargo entirely if he is elected next year, but I'd be a little surprised if he did make such a statement.

And as always, it'll be interesting to see how the official Cuban media reacts.


Blogger Henry Gomez said...

Don't look for Obama to go further than making statements against the travel and remittance restrictions for Cuban-Americans. The Democratic startegy has already been articulated by the Miami-Dade Democratic party chairman, Joe Garcia. They will use the travel and remittance issue as a wedge issue to attempt to divide the exile community. It's doubtful that this strategy will do anything to add any incremental gains for the Dems next November. Hopefully with castro gravely ill, if not dead already, it will all be a moot point. The general election is still more than a year off.

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