Monday, August 27, 2007

Media mates

Nearly half a century after taking power and changing Cuba forever, the love affair between Fidel Castro and large chunks of the international media remains alive and well.

For years, getting the nod from Havana to interview the supposedly coy dictator, complete with his olive green fatigues, was seen as a huge journalistic “scoop” by most reporters.

It still is.

According to the regime’s official propaganda sheet, Granma, an estimated 2,000 journalists “from all over the world” have requested an interview with Castro in the past year.

This intriguing statistic appears in this article announcing the launch by the regime over the weekend of yet another book about the seemingly alive but seriously ailing Comandante en Jefe.

It’s a tome of interviews with Castro over the years by four of the regime’s best known apologists: Frei Betto, Gianni Mina, Tomas Borge and Ignacio Ramonet.

Its characteristically modest title translates roughly as, "Those Lucky Interviewers Who Spoke to Fidel".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

After Castro finally dies (officially, I mean), it would only be fitting for his close friend, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, to write yet ANOTHER book about him and his adoring apologists. Its title, of course, would be "Memoria de Fidel y sus putas tristes."

2:10 am  
Anonymous Rick said...

I'm always baffled by the high praise so many people give Castro.
It's almost as if they are cheering him on to poke his finger in the US eye so to speak.
All the while forgetting his dastardly deeds to so many Cubans - those that left and those still there.

10:45 am  

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