Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The view from Washington

Nearly 50 years after Fidel Castro came to power, there are new moves in Washington to hasten the demise of the seriously ill 81-year-old dictator – and his decaying regime.

According to media reports, US President George W Bush will today announce a set of initiatives designed to encourage democratic change in Cuba.

The initiatives will apparently include the creation of an international "freedom fund" to help the rebuilding of the country, which sounds like a reasonable idea even though details are still hazy on how this would actually work.

Other initiatives will include the licensing of private groups in the US to provide Internet access to Cuban students and the establishment of some sort of scholarship program for young people on the island. Again, not sure of the details.

Of course, it’s good to see the White House talking again about the need for real change in Cuba and encouraging others around the world to do the same.

But will it make any difference?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It will only make a difference if it encourages Cubans themselves to do whatever they can to end the nightmare of the last half century.

12:46 am  

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