Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Suspended animation

The official Cuban media has published another one of Fidel Castro’s increasingly erratic reflexiones.

Which doesn’t necessarily mean the “editorial” was written by the seriously ill 81-year-old dictator.

But that doesn’t matter. What matters is the very clear message in the latest missive.

This time around, Castro gets stuck not into his old enemies in the United States (surprising, no?), but into his “progressive” friends in Western Europe and elsewhere.

You know, those obviously deluded Left-wingers who have dared to suggest that perhaps Raul Castro could look at opening up the moribund Cuban economy to market forces in an effort to make life a little easier for ordinary Cubans, struggling on monthly wages that average USD15.00.

Treating them with the utter contempt he obviously believes they deserve, Castro mocks his long-standing supporters as “super revolutionaries” with “poisonous” recommendations designed to "help the Empire" and destroy “the achievements of the Revolution”.

He says opening up the economy would “inundate” Cuba with money, which would be akin to “selling our sovereignty”, a novel concept that obviously has escaped those enterprising Chinese.

But forget the silly rhetoric, it’s the message here that counts.

This most recent diatribe is a clear sign to those waiting in the wings inside and outside Cuba (does that include Raul Castro?), that while Castro I is alive, there will be no change on the island of any type.

The dinosaurs are still in charge.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It must be wonderful to be a megalomaniac. The presumption of infallibility, the automatic passing of blame for any and all failures to others, the absence of any guilt, shame or remorse, despite any number of crimes.

It is, of course, a psychiatric disorder, but that's of no concern to the one who has it, since such a creature admits no flaw or shortcoming. It is only others who fall short, and they are only there to be used, anyway.

Yes, Castro I is a wonder to behold. An amazing monster of undiluted ego.

1:47 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I second that! Well said.

1:30 pm  

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