Thursday, October 25, 2007

And the view from Havana ...

It hasn’t taken long for the Castro regime to respond to yesterday’s speech by George W Bush on Cuba.

And much as expected, the reaction has been negative.

The regime rolled out its most orthodox and least attractive spokesman, Felipe Perez Roque, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, to tell local and international media that the speech was a further example of “aggressive” American interference in Cuban affairs.

There was plenty of the usual rhetoric from the Minister about the “criminal” US commercial and trade embargo, about “mercenaries” in the pay of “the Empire” and about American “tyranny”, according to media reports.

But interestingly, Perez Roque appeared to be particularly annoyed at remarks by the American president calling on the Cuban military and police apparatus to help efforts to transform the island into a multi-party democracy.

"Cuba categorically rejects the stimulation of violence and the invocation of the use of force," Perez Roque said, apparently with a straight face. "You will never force us to our knees."

Interesting response.

Could there be some substance to those persistent suggestions that sections of the powerful (and hugely profitable) Cuban military machine are indeed pushing for some form of change?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Perro Roque. Always ready to bark on cue. Pavlov would be so impressed. So what if he's the very image of a troglodyte? A dignified and elegant image in a diplomat is so...bourgeois.

3:38 am  

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