Monday, August 07, 2006

From the Evita files

The Cuban media - it never ceases to amaze.

Over the past couple of days, as well as stories that show Cubans going about their daily lives normally, the officially-controlled media on the island has been publishing comments from "ordinary" Cubans about Fidel Castro.

The comments are strangely reminiscent of the comments made by “ordinary” Argentineans in July 1952 following the death of Evita Peron from uterine cancer - aged just 33. Back then, there were many in Argentina so distraught and overawed by the passing away of the woman described as “the Spiritual Leader of the Nation”, they called on the Vatican to canonise Saint Evita there and then.

No need to wait in Cuba, if you believe Juventud Rebelde.

The weekly newspaper of the Union of Communist Youth published an article on Sunday under the headline, "For me, Fidel is everything", which quotes Cubans from all walks of life (or so the paper says), talking in quasi-religious terms about the man who has ruled the place for the past 47 years.

A woman identified as Josefa Veranes Peñalver, from Santiago, says Castro is “the greatest thing Nature has given us”. But Josefa is not alone. Ovidio Hernández Prince, an 80 year old from Matanzas, is quoted as saying that Castro is “unlike anyone else in the entire world – the Father of all humanity, showing us the way”. Not to be outdone, a 69 year old man, Marcos López Pérez, describes El Comandante en Jefe as “the most noble and charitable soul that has ever existed on this Earth.”

I wonder what Evita would think?
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Blogger Henry "Conductor" Gomez said...

There's a great story on this very subject at:

3:34 pm  
Blogger Orlando said...

I guess the Cuban media is not too far off from the MSM.

5:15 pm  
Blogger Luis M Garcia said...

An important issue with much of what gets reported in the mainstream media in reference to Cuba: in the interest of being accurate and transparent with their readers, foreign correspondents quoting Cuban newspapers should always make it clear that the Cuban media are controlled by the regime. After all, the Cuban media themselves make no bones about this. They proclaim it proudly on their mastheads!

5:25 pm  

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