Friday, August 04, 2006

Todo va bien

Four days after news that Fidel Castro was seriously ill and handing over power "temporarily" to his younger brother, Raul, the Cuban media - which is controlled by the regime - says everything is normal on the island. Todo va bien.

And to prove it, the main news outlets have been running articles and broadcasting items showing Cubans in workplaces, military units, neighbourhoods, everywhere in fact ... all pledging loyalty to Fidel Castro, the Communist Party and "the Revolution".

Foreign news agencies, however, report that members of the military and reservists belonging to the Milicias de Tropas Territoriales have been told to report to their respective units "in preparation". The Spanish service of the BBC has the report here.

As well, it has now been confirmed that an estimated 150 foreign journalists seeking permission to report from the island have been told they are not welcomed. There is no news here, is the official explanation from Havana.

Meanwhile, that other shining light of democracy, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il has sent Castro a get-well message. "I sincerely hope that you will recover (soon) and continue to carry out the Cuban Revolution and significant duties bestowed to you by the people," Kim said, according to the official Korean Central News Agency.

So, you see, Todo va bien - all is well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying reading your blog and saw you have written a few pieces in the Australian newspaper too.
What do you think of the suggestion that Fidel is already dead and that it's being kept a secret?

3:37 pm  
Blogger honest thinking peasant said...

Interesting interpretation of the myths about cuba. Everyone has great health care, the literacy rate is outstanding, no gun violence and rampant crime. If these things are ture, it is the U.S. that should adopt socialism it seems. Maybe the fact that so many of Cuba's citizens can read is the reason for their accomplishing what most Americans apparently aren't educated enough to believe is even possible. I haven't heard what's so terrible about the man that people are cheering for his death.
I am African American and the poverty that exists here is so bad for many millions that its funny that other countries actually want this democracy. It's now all its cracked up to be. Most Americans are so internationaly ignorant they can't vote properly anyway. Most Americans have never read any of our foreign policy or understand how it affects so called third world economies. The majority of Americans can't even explain the concept of free trade so of course thay haven't a clue about judging Cuba and its success or failures. If the embargos were removed years ago, Cuba would be making fools of the U.S..
On the other hand, the plantation owners, of course they hate Castro, they want their plantations and slaves back!

4:19 pm  

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