Monday, February 04, 2008

Spy games

When it comes to the world of spying you just never know what's real and what isn't.

However, we do know that the Castro regime has built up over one of the largest and most successful spying networks in Latin America over the past 50 years or so, initially with Soviet and East German training and funding.

Why, even the Cubans have boasted about their spying capabilities.

Now, there are fresh allegations about what the Castro brothers may or may not be up to, according to the American Fox television network.

The network quotes Chris Simmons, a former US counterintelligence specialist, as saying that Cuba is expanding its intelligence operations in the Middle East and South Asia - areas well away from the Western Hemisphere.

The reason? Simmons says its to keep a closer eye on American military operations there. And trading secrets.

Read the article here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would trust nothing coming from JUST Fox news. In US, Fox is known as the propoganda channel amongst the thinking class.

2:10 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How to win friends and influence people in expanded operations to this region ? I think not somehow..........
check this guys blog out...

El Diario de la Resistencia II

Ideas sobre la vida... como diría mi padre "lo malo no es trabajar, sino pasar trabajo"...
lunes 4 de febrero de 2008
Anatomía de un secuestro.

Llego febrero y con el se diluyen cada día mis esperanzas de poder escapar a este “secuestro legal”. El gobierno de Cuba sigue insistiendo en que “Timor Leste compre pasajes de regreso a Cuba” para quienes no queremos regresar. Bonita forma de anunciar la deportación.

Cuba le dicta a Timor Leste que hacer conmigo, de la misma forma que haría en el siglo XIX un propietario de esclavos a su mayoral. Ni siquiera la certeza de que estamos indocumentados, escondidos y sin derecho algún despierta la solidaridad del gobierno timorense.

10:26 pm  

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