Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Quote of the Day

"I think art can make everyone better.”

Cuban folk singer-songwriter Silvio Rodriguez after performing at a Santa Clara prison as part of what Associated Press calls a “government program to bring art to inmates”. Dissidents call it cheap propaganda by the Castro brothers. Propaganda? Silvio? Surely not ...


Anonymous Nausea said...

Yes, but which art, with what content and aims, and who decides or defines what's "better"? Silvio knows the answers to all these questions. Silvio is a contemptible tool of a totalitarian dictatorship. Sadly, it happens, and predictably so. The eternal problem with prostitution is that it pays.

5:16 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw something really weird at cubaencuentro.com recently. There was a link to a chilean site where Silvio says that he's going to move to Chile, and that one of his future projects is to work on the soundtrack to a film Almodovar is going to make in in that country. This comes a few days after Pablo Milanes made laudatory comments on Chile's political and economic stability. Could it be that these people see the end coming to the Cuban system? Don't forget that Silvio decided not to stay in the National Assembly and if the Chileans had no problem granting asylum to an East German tyrant who slaughtered hundreds then why not a couple of leftovers from the Nueva Trova movement?

8:27 am  

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