Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Quote of the day

"Cubans appear to have adjusted well to Raul, so much so that they rarely talk about Fidel anymore, except to occasionally comment on his published essays."

Anita Snow, AP correspondent in Havana, giving her views on the "transition".


Blogger Lori said...

They've adjusted because NOTHING HAS CHANGED!

I have absolutely no words that are "G" rated to describe this stupid woman.

2:02 am  
Anonymous Nausea said...

Oh, she's not stupid, Lori. That would be a tolerably valid excuse for her exceedingly bland and non-confrontational reporting, obviously calculated NOT to ruffle the feathers of the Castro regime.

What she is, like virtually all of her foreign media colleagues nominally "reporting" from Cuba, is MUCH worse than stupid.

However, in her defense, she's only doing what her employers want and require. If it were not her, it would be someone else doing the same thing. Disgusting.

3:51 am  

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