Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Gender issues

Here is some good news for Cuban transsexuals who want to undergo what is now described as sex-realignment surgery.

According to this Reuters dispatch, Mariela Castro has confirmed that the Communist Party is considering giving the “green light” to as many as 27 such operations on the island – and you will be happy to hear that they won’t cost the transsexuals a penny.

As readers may recall, Ms Castro is the media-savvy peripatetic head of the Cuban National Centre for Sexual Education.

More importantly, however, she happens to be Raul Castro’s daughter – and Fidel Castor’s niece.

So, what’s the reaction so far from her uncle, the seriously ill 81-year-old dictator who has in the past described homosexuals (as opposed to transsexuals) as lumpen, deviates, dangerous, counter-revolutionary and escoria?

“Like the rest of the population, he will begin to understand,” Ms Castro cryptically told the media.


Anonymous Oscar Wilde said...

Assuming, of course, he can actually understand anything at this point.

I'm sure all the homosexuals who were hounded, persecuted and/or sent to the infamous UMAP concentration camps in the past, all with Castro's explicit and required blessings will be much comforted by Mariela's words.

2:46 am  
Anonymous Oscar wilde II said...

OK, let's say, for the sake of argument, that Castro will indeed come to understand the error of his ways, at least regarding gays.

Surely, then, we (not to mention his gay victims and their loved ones), can expect at least a full admission of his guilt, a formal official apology, and an attempt at restitution. Right, Mariela?

7:09 am  

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