Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Ghost stories

What better way to start off the new (blogging) year than with a barely-believable tale about a ghost in Havana.

No, no, not Fidel Castro.

Apparently, that particular ghost is doing just fine, according to his brother, Raul, who has told Cubans that while the ailing 81-year-old dictator may not have made a public appearance in 18 months, he is getting better all the time.

The older Castro is spending his recovery days exercising (two hours a day?), readings books by the truckload, surfing the Internet at all hours of the day (hello, Fidel!), and all the time, thinking, thinking, thinking …

Now, about the other ghost story ...

According to this report, the British actor Jude Law, who spent Christmas in Havana, claims to have seen the ghost of Frank Sinatra while staying in one of the luxury suites at the Hotel Nacional.

It seems Mr Law spotted Old Blue Eyes, who has been dead for quite some time, helping himself to the mini-bar in the suite. As you do.

A source at the hotel has told the furiously competitive British tabloids that the actor had “sampled lots of the hotel’s rum cocktails to celebrate his birthday so he thought it was just a drunken vision”.

When he was told that the suite had once hosted Sinatra, Mr Law “came clean about seeing the ghost”.


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