Wednesday, January 16, 2008

That jogging suit. Again.

Well, folks, Fidel Castro is still alive. And still wearing his jogging suit.

The Associated Press photograph you see above shows the ailing dictator meeting the visiting Brazilian president Luis Inacio Lula da Silva in Havana overnight.

It's not clear at this stage how long the meeting lasted nor where it was held but the photograph would confirm that Castro is still with us, even though the caption refers to him as looking “frail but alert”. In other words, still far too sick to make any public appearances.

Asked to comment on the meeting, Mr da Silva said all the right things, describing his one-time political mentor as “lucid” and in “impeccable health” before adding: “I think Fidel will soon assume his political role in Cuba, his historic role in Cuba and the globalised world.”


Blogger Daniel @ Garanhuns said...

Lula is a tool. The press is going after him here, sadly not so much because of Fidel being evil, but because they just love to pound on Lula any chance they get. Slowly, very slowly, some in the media here have at least started to see the light about Fidel and Cuba. O Estado de Sao Paulo is one of the "better" ones.

8:47 pm  
Anonymous Not amused said...

"Impeccable health"? Really? Then I can't help but wonder what Lula would mean by "impeccable political integrity." On second thought, I'm pretty sure I know what he'd mean. These people never disappoint, or rather, they're as predictable as a Swiss watch.

3:13 am  
Anonymous Nauseous said...

Castro was described by the media as frail, alert, and playful.

Evidently, "frail" is the new synonym for moribund, "alert" is the new synonym for breathing, and "playful" is the new synonym for the banality of evil.

The media, as always, inspires boundless confidence and respect.

7:01 am  

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