Monday, February 04, 2008

Quote of the Day

"Almost anyone who is being honest will acknowledge that America's approach toward Cuba is brain dead. No one even remembers why we've imposed a total embargo on the country …What exactly are we afraid this moth-eaten island will do to America today?"

Fareed Zakaria, columnist and editor, stirring the pot in the latest edition of


Blogger Henry Gomez said...

What exactly are we afraid this moth-eaten island will do to America today?"

How about arbitrarily expropriating American assets. That WAS and continues to be the primary reason for the embargo. Let me get this straigh Fareed would trust a con artist with his money after already being conned to the tune of $1 billion ($8 Billion in current dollars)?

11:27 am  
Anonymous Nausea said...

Fareed is not interested in facts, Henry. He has an agenda to promote, and he's doing it in the usual, standard disingenuous way. Same shit, different day.

The bit about "moth-eaten island" is lovely, no? Freudian slip, I expect. He doesn't give a damn about Cuba, but he sure is fashionable. Of course, if he weren't, there'd probably be a price to pay, and he knows it. They all do.

2:55 am  
Anonymous Realpolitik said...

Zakaria, like most professional mainstream media types, knows which side his bread is buttered on, and it is NOT the side that even remotely looks "right-wing" (the horror!).

In other words, he has image, status and career issues to consider. Therefore, must look "progressive." Must blame the US if at all possible. Must malign, distort or downright demonize the Cuban exile community. Must remain palatable to the in-crowd.

As has been noted, Cuba is the least of his concerns. He has other fish to fry, and the Cuban situation is simply a useful means to an end. Sadly, his name is Legion.

3:55 am  
Anonymous afina said...

I thought it was a great article. Castro will only be defeated through engagement. Obviously our way has not worked.

We give Fidel the biggest excuse for a failed system. If you have been to cuba recently, you would see this with yoru own eyes. Go talk to REaL cubans!

You guys just don't like it b/c it was more objective than you like to be.

Anyway , Good luck, with your framework you'll need it.

2:08 pm  
Blogger Agustin Farinas said...

Obviously Fareed Zkaria has not read anything Chris Simmons wrote. He needs to start reading other things besides his own wrtings.

4:48 am  
Anonymous Real Cuban said...

"Afina," you're entitled to your opinion, but don't patronize me. Don't talk as if you're better informed, because you have NO idea who I am or what I know. Don't ascribe motives to me, because you DON'T know why I think or feel the way I do.

As for your "defeat through engagement," that's a nice fantasy, but it didn't work for Neville Chamberlain with Hitler and it won't work with the Castro dictatorship. The whole world has engaged Cuba for years, and what good has it done?

Cuba can buy anything it might want from countries other than the US; it's simply an economic disaster and a horrible risk to anyone stupid enough to extend it credit. It only knows how to be a parasite, first off the Soviets, and nowe off Venezuela and the Cuban exile community.

5:50 am  

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