Thursday, May 31, 2007

Capitalism at work

Regardless of whether you agree or not with the US commercial and trade embargo on Cuba, one thing is abundantly clear: the policy has more holes than a kilo of Swiss cheese.

And here is the proof.

Reuters reports this morning that the Castro regime has just signed contracts with American food growers to import food products worth up to USD150 million, including Cuban staples such as pork, corn and soybeans.

Even Spam.

The announcement followed a visit to Havana by a delegation of some 200 very eager American food producers, exporters and minor political celebrities, who are thrilled at all that cash rolling in.

Just as pleased is the head of the Castro regime’s food importing agency, Pedro Alvarez, who told reporters that the Americans were merely "recovering the market" they lost back in the 1960s with the imposition of the embargo.

"The active and massive participation of the American business community makes us very happy," Alvarez added.


Blogger Albert Quiroga said...

All I can say to these fine food purveyors is, beware of Cuban Spamalot! Before you know it, fidel will post another dying thought on "Granma:" "Bush-Your Mother is A Hamster!!"

11:25 pm  
Blogger Henry Gomez said...

Another dirty secret to the embargo is that the exception for food isn't just for food, it's agricultural products. These can include all types of imaginable things like wooden telephone poles. This was explained to me by an Agricultural Economist from the University of Florida named Bill Messina who has studied Cuba's economy very closely.

1:15 am  

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