Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Yes, but is anyone listening

Just how out of touch is Fidel Castro with what’s going on in his own misgoverned little kingdom?

As you will recall, the official Cuban media have published a number of “editorials” in the past weeks in which the ailing 80-year-old dictator has attacked plans for the mass production of biofuels, such as ethanol.

In truth, Castro used to be a big fan of ethanol as an alternative fuel … until someone whispered to him that US president George W Bush was a strong supporter of the idea, too.

Since then, he has railed against ethanol use, warning in typically apocalyptic style, that growing crops for fuel will result in the death from hunger of hundreds of million, etc, etc.

Now comes a story from the Associated Press in Havana revealing that contrary to what you may have read, the Communist regime is quietly modernising its own ethanol-producing facilities.

According to Conrado Moreno, a member of the Academy of Sciences, 11 of the country’s 17 ethanol refineries are being seriously upgraded to increase the production of ethanol from sugar cane.

Dr Moreno, who has obviously failed to read his copy of Granma carefully, told a conference on alternative fuels that while the refineries currently produced alcohol for use in rum and medications, the upgrade would give Cuba the capacity to “one day produce fuel for cars”.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone really believe those Granma editorials, or whatever they are, regardless of subject matter, are actually composed by their supposed author? I certainly don't.

4:44 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

unfortunately there are many on the island that have no access to the outside world and do read and believe all that is written or said in the official Cuban media. Those who have been indoctrinated for the past 48 years by the regime and truly believe that there is one god and his name is Fidel.So whatever is fed to them becomes their bible - If we in the free world could only penetrate that wall...

12:41 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone please give the animal (castro) a reality check. Has he not been progressively starving his people for the past 48 years?? He will say anything as long as it contradict the U.S.

12:48 pm  

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