Tuesday, May 15, 2007

With friends like these

I am sure you will remember that much-hyped visit to Havana some weeks ago by the Spanish Minister for Foreign Affairs, Miguel Angel Moratinos.

The Castro regime was certainly thrilled by the visit.

Not surprising, given that Moratinos made it abundantly clear that relations between Madrid and the Castro brothers were now “back to normal”.

Well, the Cuban Minister for Foreign Affairs, Felipe Perez Roque, has just given his interpretation of this new relationship.

In an interview published today in the Spanish daily El Mundo, Perez Roque heaps praise on the Spanish administration for wanting better relations with Cuba and “not mimicking” American policy towards the island.

But he leaves his best comments for last.

Asked whether this all-new, all-improved relationship means there will be discussions on the possibility of freeing up at least some political prisoners from Castro’s gulag, the minister responds that there is nothing to discuss since “there are no political prisoners in Cuba”.

“What we have,” Perez Roque says, “are mercenaries in the pay of the US Government, who want to help entrench the American blockade, even when this hurts Spanish companies.”

As the man said, it’s back to normal.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes. BUSINESS as usual. Can't let some trivial nonsense about human rights get in the way of profits. Besides, human rights are not necessary in third-world scenarios. You know, like slaves have no souls, so it's OK to treat them like animals.

1:19 am  
Anonymous asombra said...

If Perez Roque were any more ill-suited to be a Minister of Foreign Affairs, he'd be Mike Tyson. Of course, Tyson would probably qualify, as things go in Castroland. After all, he's got a "Che" tattoo, which is bound to be as good a qualification as anything P-R can offer.

2:55 am  

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