Thursday, May 10, 2007

Looney tunes

When it comes to nasty, deluded dictators, it’s hard to go past Kim Jong Il, best known to his oppressed, brainwashed and malnourished North Korean subjects as “The Dear Leader”.

Not surprisingly, Kim, pictured above, doesn’t have too many friends in the real world.

But you’ll be happy to hear that he still has Fidel Castro.

According to the official Cuban media, the North Korean Deputy Foreign Minister, Kim Jyong Jun, is currently visiting Havana for talks with the Cuban Minister for Foreign Affairs, Felipe Perez Roque.

And the two sides are getting on like a house on fire. As you would expect, having so much in common.

Predictably, Perez Roque told his visitor that Cuba categorically rejected “the aggressive attitude of the US against North Korea”, while recognising North Korea’s “right” to nuclear weapons. Scary stuff.

For his part, the North Korean visitor announced that he had brought with him
a “message of greetings” from Kim Jong Il “expressing joy” at Castro’s reported recovery.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the fashion sunglasses. I'm sure Imelda Marcos would be impressed. And yes, unbelievable though it may seem, it IS possible for such a psychopathic clown to be the leader of a country. The fact that the Cuban regime would even appear to support and encourage this lunatic speaks volumes. Or rather, it speaks volumes to those who are willing to hear. Sadly, many refuse to notice.

12:24 am  
Blogger Fidel pro democracy said...

Ya the cuban gov. also supports the iranians fanatics in their pursuit of nuclear weapons for energy production, what the heck am I saying? I must be cuban..

5:14 am  

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