Friday, May 04, 2007

In Havana today

A couple of (belated) observations on today’s big news story from Havana – the attempted hijacking of an airliner by as many as three Cubans wanting to escape the island.

1. The men involved were all aged between 19 and 21. In other words, they are not a bunch of nostalgic, unreconstructed Batista-loving “mercenaries”. They are for all intends and purposes, true children of the Revolution.

2. The three young men were undergoing compulsory Military Service, which meant they had access to Russian-made weapons. They were not afraid to use them, either, from all accounts. This suggests that security within the Cuban military is not as tight as we have been led to believe.

Now, ask yourself this question: what would possess three men in the prime of their lives to take such drastic action?


Blogger CUBAWATCHER said...

And the Cuban government attempts to blame the United States for the actions of these brave young men? How does the logic work? Sounds as though the government is simply grasping at straws.

1:18 am  
Anonymous Tati said...

Solo le reso a Dios y le pregunto - Cual fue el pecado que cometieron los Cubanos para merecer tanto sufrimiento? Hasta cuando Dios?

4:14 am  

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