Saturday, May 12, 2007

Asian lessons

First it was the Chinese. Then came the Singaporeans. And the Japanese …

In recent months, the Castro regime has gone on something of a charm offensive to encourage Asian governments to consider investing big dollars in the island.

According to this article by AFP, recent visitors have included the Chinese Minister for Defence, the Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, and a rare visit from a senior Japanese delegation.

Earlier, the Cuban Minister for Foreign Affairs, Felipe Perez Roque, had paid official visits to India, Vietnam and China.

It’s all becoming very chummy.

Of course, the Cubans have plenty to learn from Asian nations, including Communist-ruled China.

And lesson number one is this: the reason places such as Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Thailand, to name just a handful, have thriving economies is because they have all embraced the market.

You know, they have all embraced capitalism. With a capital C.

It’s working for them.

Unlike Cuba.


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