Thursday, May 24, 2007

I am not dead, just resting

Hold the presses - Fidel Castro has written yet another one of his “editorials”.

But this one is not about ethanol. Or about those nasty Americans. Or even the poor old Brits.

This one is about his own health, confirming for the first time what everyone outside Cuba has known for months: that he underwent a number of serious operations, that some of the operations were a failure, that he has had to use a catheter for months and that he is still in recovery.

The 80-year-old dictator claims he is a lot better now but he is far, far too busy writing newspaper articles and reading documents and talking on the phone to have any time at all to cut his hair or to trim his trademark beard.

And that, he says, is the reason why he has not appeared in public.

So, now you know.


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