Thursday, February 15, 2007

Oh, THAT embrago ...

News out today that may surprise those of you who thought the US had placed a debilitating trade and commercial embargo on Cuba.

Latest figures compiled by a Washington-based group called the US-Cuba Trade and Economic Council, show that the Communist-run island remained "one of the more important markets for American farmers" last year.

As you can read here, US food exports to Cuba totalled $US340.4 million ($A437.5 million) last year, compared to $US350 million ($A449.84 million) in 2005 and $US392 million ($A503.82 million) in 2004.

In fact, despite all that the huffing and puffing from Havana, the US was the top exporter of food to Cuba in 2004 and 2005. The figures for 2006 are not yet available.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Silly goose, the embargo (with or without holes) has a counteractive effect , b/c: 1) no other country has or will join;

2) gives fidel soft power

Even the very conservative hoover institution has noted that the embargo has given Fidel power.

Why the Embargo Doesn’t Work"

6:54 am  

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