Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Here's to the Czechs, etc

There is no love lost between the Castro regime and its former “fraternal friends” in Eastern Europe.

Ever since the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the subsequent disappearance of the old Soviet Empire, Fidel Castro has been running a spectacularly unsuccessful propaganda war against its one-time allies.

In exchange, the new democratic states of Eastern Europe have done what so many in Western Europe and elsewhere have failed to do for the best part of 50 years: stand up to the dictator.

And so, we are back in the trenches …

The regime in Havana is squealing at the moment about proposals by a group of former communist nations to encourage the European Union to re-examine its long-term relations with the island.

The group is led by the Czechs (again!) and includes among its members Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania and Slovenia.

According to the Castro regime, these latest developments are part of a new evil “conspiracy” against Cuba, a "plot" designed to “topple” the Communist regime on the island, destroy the “revolution”, etc, etc.

As for the Eastern Europeans, well, as far as Havana is concerned, they are just a bunch of boot-lickers in the pay of the US. Of course.

You can read the Czech response here.


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