Thursday, October 26, 2006

Money matters

It seems those crafty Canadian money-makers know something we don’t.

In an article published today in The Toronto Star, a man described as a “visionary investment guru” predicts that Fidel Castro is on his last legs ... and that Cuba will soon “rejoin the capitalist community”.

The “guru” is Thomas J Herzfeld, who runs his own money management outfit specialising in investing in Cuba-related business, such as airlines that fly to Havana and cruise liners that ply the Caribbean.

And Mr Herzfeld thinks there is plenty of money to be made.

“As soon as commerce is resumed with that nation, there will be a boom in Cuba,” he told the paper. “I certainly don’t think the US embargo will outlive Castro by many years.”

In fact, his fund has even bought shares in the old Cuban Electric Company, which was taken over by the Castro regime nearly 50 years ago. He is confident some compensation will come his way in due course.

And yes, Mr Herzfeld thinks you should invest in his fund.

Of course.


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