Friday, October 20, 2006

Happy and optimistic

Ministers responsible for youth policy in Latin America, Spain and Portugal are meeting in Havana this week, as part of the round of conferences associated with the regular Iberoamerican summits.

Not much to write home about, frankly.

But this is communist Cuba after all, where even the most mundane gathering becomes a major opportunity for the tightly controlled official media to push its all-too-predictable slogans.

It seems the head of the Union of Communist Youth, Julio Martinez, welcomed delegates by talking about the impact the US commercial “blockade” has had on the island, blah, blah, blah. But despite those evil Americans, young people in Cuban remain “happy” and “optimistic”, he said.

Obviously, Mr Martinez needs to get out of his air-conditioned office more often.

Oh, yes, Juventud Rebelde also reports that the delegates to the ministerial conference have sent a get well message to Fidel Castro, wishing the ailing 80 year old dictator a “speedy recovery”.

Which begs the question, where is Castro?


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