Sunday, October 22, 2006

Happy and optimistic II

There is an excellent feature article in today’s edition of ABC, the Spanish daily, about life in Cuba two and a half months after Fidel Castro underwent emergency surgery.

The reporter, Paloma Cervilla, spent time in Havana talking primarily to young people - and the quotes speak for themselves:

“Neither Fidel nor Raul. Cuba only wants progress.”

“There is a lot of people here who disagree with the regime, and if the regime allowed people to leave freely, there’d be no one left in Cuba.”

“The only solution is to leave Cuba.”

Equally intriguing are claims by ABC of endemic corruption among the sons and daughters of senior military men and Communist Party officials – the privileged few – who have access to hard currency and connections to the top.

The articles even identifies some of them, including El Potro, which is the nickname of the son of General Juan Almeida, one of the original comandantes of the Revolution, a member of the Council of State and holder of the title "Hero of the Republic of Cuba".

Read the article here. In Spanish.


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