Monday, October 23, 2006

In Canberra

On this, the 50th anniversary of the start of the Hungarian Revolution, it is only fitting that I direct you to comments made a few days ago in the Australian Senate by Sen Gary Humphries.

Sen Humphries (Australian Capital Territory, Lib.) had quite a few things to say about trade union leaders and others in Australia (and elsewhere) who continue to support the Castro regime.

He quoted from recent Amnesty International reports on human right conditions on the island, describing Communism as “an ideology which is linked directly with the deaths of over 100 million people”.

“The collapse of communist regimes, and subsequent acknowledgement of their atrocities and abysmal standards of living, was a wake-up call to most of the mainstream Left who harboured residual sympathy for communism …” the senator said.

“There remain, however, those that look at left wing dictatorships through rose coloured glasses, with Cuba in particular being held up as an example of a so-called ‘workers paradise’.”

You can read the speech here. Or visit the senator’s webpage here.


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